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From time to time, I might post recipes that weren’t stellar for me. The original recipe, provided below, is a gold star… I hope that by learning from my failures, your dish can be successful!

If you ever eat Asian food, especially Thai, you’ve probably enjoyed a uniquely pleasant experience. Most likely, your mouth filled with umami and a question mark popped up in the back of your mind. What IS that? The flavor that one can only taste when they’re eating something like pad thai or green papaya salad.

The answer is fish sauce. Yes, it is absolutely as scary as it sounds. Made of fermented fish, fish sauce adds a new layer of flavor and a certain depth that is difficult to achieve in its absence. A few months ago, I got a bottle. The other day, I opened it for the very first time. [cue applause] This is all part of the food journey….doing things that scare me. In the food world, that’s a surprisingly high number of things. Making macarons. Making pancakes. Grilling.

Fish sauce scared the crap out of me – probably because I watched a TV special on how it was made by stuffing old fish ito barrels for months and then using their juices as the main ingredient. Still have your appetite? Ok, so that’s not the best representation of how fish sauce is made, but (I think) it’s partly true!

I found this recipe (from one of my favorite food bloggers…and it has step-by-step instructions!) and followed it as closely as possible.

Things I plan on doing differently next time:
– Less soy sauce (This dish was packed with flavor, but a bit too salty from me. And I love salt)
– Different noodles (I had to use egg because my grocery store didn’t carry wide rice noodles)
– More bok choy

It wasn’t quite as delicious as my favorite Thai restaurant, but I’m excited to perfect it.


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