adding crazy to my life

Living spontaneously.

The hardest part about incorporating more spontaneity into your life is that you can’t plan it. And I love planning. Weighing options, considering potential consequences…

I like to know how things are going to turn out. Part of the reason why I enjoy watching the same movies and reading the same books over and over. I do the opposite of living in the moment.

Lately I’ve wondered if part of the key to happy life is taking more risks. Not scheduling every moment. Pursuing passions.

{My friend Katie, who does what she wants}

And it’s weird, because if you had met me in high school you’d probably think yeah she’s kind of a wild card. I did weird things, mostly because people expected it of me. I tried to be “crazy” because everyone likes the fun girl. But maybe that’s not who I am inside. Lists, order, reason….these are all the things that truly resonate with me.

This week I took a few chances.

I talked to this super buff guy at the gym about what motivates him to lift weights. Then I offhandedly scoffed, “I mean, what are you lifting over there…like 200 pounds? hahaha” and he was like “Well, it’s actually 450.” So I did my best to act dignified while scuffling away with my 10 lb-ers.

I also turned around half-way home to let a farmer know his cow was trying to escape. Yeah, I saw a cow that was caught mid-torso amidst a wire fence, just chewing cud and trying to kick its way free. This was all taking place about 50 feet from the road. Could’ve caused a minor traffic jam, if you catch my drift.

If you’re wondering, these two seemingly intimidating experiences were totally harmless and actually awakened the outgoing, sociable side of me. Each week, in and out, I talk with the same people. I’m lucky to be surrounded by tons of great friends and family, but I think society thrives on interaction. Random chats with strangers. Kind of helps preserve hope for mankind.

Don’t be embarrassed to chat up someone you don’t know, after all, who cares what they think? Even if you live in a dinky town like I do, you’ll probably never see them again.

Maybe it was this positive outlook that took me out dancing on Cinco de Mayo with two of my great friends. We drank cheap tequila and were the only ones on the dance floor. The DJ played our requests and we twirled around barefoot – immune to stares. By the way, I was totally sober when this all went down. And it was so much fun.


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