tribute to mom

As everyone knows, last Sunday was Mother’s Day. It just doesn’t seem right not to say a few words about the woman who not only gave birth to me, but has lovingly supported my every silly endeavor throughout all the years.

She is still allowing me to live with her [for nearly a YEAR now] after graduating college, and regularly puts up with my shower singing and bad cooking and temper tantrums. She’s helped me out of dark corners and listened to me talk about my problems….however inconsequential they turned out to be. She never turns her back on me and has majorly helped my transition into the professional world. She gave me her dark skin, brown eyes, her love of baking and her anxiety.

I also have a few wonderful sisters… one of whom is only home for one week before trekking to Minneapolis for her internship. At least I can drop by on my regular trips to see B!

Happy belated Mothers Day to all!! Cupcake recipe coming tomorrow…


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