the pros and cons of a long distance relationship

Everyone knows that long distance relationships (LDRs) are horrible things that should never be inflicted on the innocent. There is hardly any pain like when your loved one goes away. It’s like your heart is being squeezed by a ruthless fist. Like there’s no justice in the world. Like your daily life loses just a bit of luster.

So I’m fairly shocked whenever my mom and I have discussions about this awful, terrible, no-good situation. She seems to think that I’m lucky or something. That B and I have tons of fun when we meet up on weekends and have a fairly smooth relationship, all things considered.

I know I’m lucky… I have a boyfriend who is about the most caring person I’ve ever known. He’s the quiet to my annoying shouts, the soothing to my dramatic, the reason to my anger. And B makes me laugh. I value his opinion in everything. He looks at me like I’m important. Everything is better when he’s around.

I get to see him for about 48 hours every two weeks.

I am lucky.
I’m lucky we only live 5 hours away from each other.
That we always have fun stuff to do.
Every moment is literally cherished.
We look forward to seeing each other.
Make plans way ahead of time to ensure the whole weekend is a sparkling portrait of perfection.
We spoil ourselves with lots of restaurant dinners and mini “vacations” in-between our locations.

But then…

The time flies by too quickly.
We say the tearful (at my end) goodbye and drive for at least 3 hours – depending on where we met – back to our homes.
And we wait.
We Skype.
We falter in communication.
We call each other too much.
Not enough.
He can’t hold me after a bad day at work.
He can’t comfort me when we’ve had a misunderstanding.
We can’t go for walks together at night or meet for lunch in the middle of the day.
We can’t simply sit and enjoy each other’s company.
Every conversation has a purpose. Every weekend has a schedule.

Are we lucky? I’m lucky I have someone that I care so much about. We’re lucky we have modern technology – we can see each other’s faces every day, we don’t have to pay for long distance calls or wait for letters in the mail (but wouldn’t that be romantic?).

Maybe the distance has helped us, for over a year, maintain the spark that some only feel for a few months. But as our 1 year LDR anniversary approaches, I can’t help think how much longer will this last? I wouldn’t wish this situation on anyone. And I can’t wait until it’s over.

2 Responses to “the pros and cons of a long distance relationship”
  1. Leah says:

    Such a cute post! Best of luck to you two lovebirds :)

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