Weekend Wedding & Spicy Popcorn

It has been a hectic month. To say that I spent a lot of money would be a drastic understatement… let’s just say my Mint account is crying angry shades of red.

{haha get it}

That being said, it was all wonderful. I’ve officially seen Brian 5 weekends in a row (soon to be 6? we shall see) and with that comes a price. On the up side, though, we met halfway this past weekend to see two friends join together in marriage. It was a beautiful ceremony and everyone is so happy for them. Congratulations, Justin and Nicole!

Amidst all the insanity of June, there were some awesome times. I caught up with old friends, went on a shopping spree with my mom and sister, enjoyed late night Applebee’s with my dad and stepmom, I drove like 2000 miles (hardly an exaggeration), made a summertime playlist, taught B to love The OC, and ate at a lot of tasty restaurants. Betwixt all this, I’ve hardly had a chance to try new recipes and/or bake at all!

I did take some time to whip up a tasty batch of spicy popcorn, though. Yeah, took aside 3 minutes or so to make it. This delightful snack is so easy that it hardly deserves a recipe – the picture is mostly posted for inspiration. If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen variations of this idea but have never dared try it yourself. Well, this is a sign. My friend Katie made this for us and it’s super addicting. If you’re looking for a low calorie snack, stock up on some Light Butter popcorn & douse it with hot sauce (0 calories!! yay!). You can also add ranch seasoning for good measure, but I found it didn’t add much to this already flavorful bowl.


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