life changes

one week from today, I will no longer be a citizen of Iowa…
or living in my mom’s basement (not that I haven’t loved it)…
or employed.


I’m going to see my boyfriend Brian in Minnesota.
and I’m not coming back!!


A month ago I was tremendously excited by the idea.
Two weeks ago doubts started to creep in.
I think by Friday I’ll be full on terrified.


But after being apart from B for over a year, and the countless trips back and forth, and the mind-numbing commute to work every day… it was time for a change.


So I’m making a change. It’s a fitting time of year, actually — the time associated with change. Seasons change, the kiddos are going back to school and retailers are hiring! So that’s encouraging (a year goes by and I forget how difficult it is to job hunt).


I’m mostly happy – and incredibly excited. But also scared and somewhat sad to be leaving a good job and my hometown, complete with friends and family.


Minneapolis… I hope you’re ready!


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