The Long Goodbye

I’d say this was a pretty good weekend to end on:

Friday night I went to Guadalajara for the first time with my dad and Robin. Since it was a celebration (and International Beer Day!) we each had a cocktail. I opted for a pina colada…sent me right back to Isla Mujeres. sigh.

Anyway, we had some super tasty fajitas and great conversation…but I forgot to take pictures! [facepalm] It was a worthy farewell. And the food…. yummm.

After that, we tripped over to Blockbuster. We received some truly horrendous movie suggestions from a lady who worked there, including Just Go With It (haven’t seen but looks just awful) and No Strings Attached (confirmed to be awful). Then it came to light that my parents hadn’t seen Inception. Done.

Is it just me or does this movie get better with each viewing? Could be the quality script, visual effects, the soundtrack, the incredible acting….

{or my insane crushes on Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Leonardo DiCaprio?}

Saturday was a family reunion extravaganza at my grandma’s. We spent most of the day hanging out at her house and eating fried chicken and pizza. Then there were professional-grade fireworks!! The cops didn’t catch us or nothin.

{weird firework pics courtesy of my camera and excellent photography skills}

Later on, my friend Kristie, cousin Ben and I all saw Harry Potter 7, Part 2 in Davenport. SO AMAZING. I was the only one who cried, even though I knew what was coming. Go figure.

Finally, I spent Sunday afternoon clothes-swapping with my good Muscatine friends. I’m going to miss them so much! We also watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (a weekend of fabulous movies, right?) and made Cheesecake Sopapillas — it. was. addicting. Recipe soon!

I might miss this place a bit.

One Response to “The Long Goodbye”
  1. Wendy says:

    We’re going to miss you, too!!!

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