what I learned at the Minnesota State Fair

I’ve only lived in Minnesota for a few weeks, but already I know a) people here are even NICER than in Iowa. No kidding. and b) everyone goes to the Minnesota State Fair. Everyone. And everyone you meet will ask if you’ve been there, too.

Bri and I went last weekend and, as you can see, it was packed. We saw some pretty cool stuff, including a huge group sing-along and some friendly horses. We also ate, like, everything we saw. What did I learn?

1. It’s OK to have fried cheese twice in one day.
2. People are fearless when it comes to curious horses.
3. Save room for fried cookie dough (I didn’t. sadness.).
4. The best part of the fair is in Heritage Square — check out the taxidermy “shop.” I’m an animal lover, but thought it was fascinating.
5. Sweet Martha’s Cookies are…. um… a little overrated (you didn’t hear it from me!).


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